2018 Broker Report

For the last four years, the DNA of #CRE report has been the gold standard for gathering and sharing data with the commercial real estate industry. Annual DNA of #CRE survey findings help professionals gain insights into how others in the industry operate from day to day.

Buildout and theBrokerList partnered for the fourth year in a row on the DNA of #CRE Broker Survey to learn more about the way brokers do their jobs, the challenges they have to overcome, and the tools they use to be successful. The survey also asked brokers what they expect from the CRE industry in 2019 and beyond.

The results give brokers and other CRE insiders a tool to benchmark against their competitors, learn more about industry-wide best practices, and understand where the industry is heading in the coming year.

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  • Even though relationships were the most important driver of business, building those relationships was not necessarily how brokers spent most of their time in 2018.
  • Brokers want a multiple-listing service (MLS); a better, straight-forward CRM or database for CRE professionals; more affordable and efficient data sourcing; and more integration across their tools.
  • Despite industry-wide whisperings of a possible recession, brokers are optimistic CRE business will hold steady in 2019.

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