2017 Broker Report & 2018 Broker Predictions

For the third year in a row, Buildout and theBrokerList partnered on the DNA of #CRE survey to learn more about the commercial real estate industry, the way brokers do their jobs, the challenges they have to overcome, and the tools they use to be successful within small, medium and large brokerages. We also asked brokers what they expect from the CRE industry in 2018 and beyond.

Our annual DNA of #CRE provides a useful tool for CRE brokers to benchmark against competitors and get a clear reading on the current state of the CRE industry and how it’s expected to change in the coming years.

Fill out the form and you’ll receive both the 2017 DNA of #CRE Broker Report and 2018 Broker Predictions for the CRE Industry resources and gain key insights like

  • Brokers at large firms take advantage of a wider range of social media platforms.
  • Less than half of brokers at small firms have marketing support.
  • The CRE industry will embrace technology more in 2018.
  • Brokers predict the industrial sector will be the most active branch of CRE in 2018.

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